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it is for everyone

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why boxing?

1) It is one of the oldest and most efficient combat sports in the world.
2) It is effective for real-life self-defense situations
3) Boxing is for everyone
4) It is the ultimate workout.
5) It will refine your motor skills.
6) It helps decrease stress
7) It toughens you up mentally and physically.
8) It is one of the best striking bases in MMA.


Introduction to boxing

This program was created for students with zero experience and for students with previous experience.

it aids in mental and spiritual development

The rigor and repetitiveness of an effective training program require an ironclad will, and even the strongest of wills have their basis in mental resilience.

Any boxer will tell you that their ability to tolerate and work through pain has increased as they spend more time boxing. This higher tolerance for pain is another sign that boxing aids in mental development, at least with regard to the mind’s ability to withstand serious discomfort.

It’s also likely they develop a core of what could be described as spiritual fulfillment. Most spiritual practices emphasize the importance of being in the present moment, and a boxer needs to be fully in the present moment to have any hope of defeating their opponent. Boxing is a game of milliseconds and lightning-fast reactions. If the entirety of your consciousness is not fully in the moment and focusing entirely on the fight, there will be severe physical consequences.

Can you mix boxing with other martial arts?
Yes. Many of the world’s best MMA fighters, including BJ Penn and Junior Dos Santos, use boxing as well as other martial arts techniques to dominate their opponents and win titles.

Do any other martial arts incorporate elements of boxing?
Yes. Modern Muay Thai practitioners incorporate all of the traditional western boxing punches into their practice and fighting style.

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