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Muay Thai Evaluation

 Intermediate & advanced class

When can I take the evaluation?

Evaluations run every 1st Thursday of the month @ 7:30 pm.

Where can I check my hours of training?

You can check your hours in your zen planner app, here is the link: Zen Planner


Or you can come to the front desk and ask who many hours of training have you done​. Hours of training are collected every time you punch in before your class. Remember it is your  RESPONSABILITY TO PUNCH IN EVERYTIME BEFORE CLASS.

What are the requiments for the evalution?

A minimim of 60 hrs of training at EBO or prior experience.

What will I be asked to perform during my evaluation?

The test consists of 4 parts:

1st part - stance and movement.

2nd part - Defense

3rd part - Shadow box

4rd part - Technical sparring

Here are study videos of the solo and partner drills which you will be required to perform correctly.

Here is the link:  Study Videos

Is Sparring part of the test?

Yes, there is not pasta with out parmesan.

The sparring is controlled and supervised. The coach will evaluate if you can put together the basic skills under pressure. 


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