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Join us as a team

Training was never meant to be a solo task, despite the inherent nature of martial arts to focus on constant self-improvement. No one can really go it alone.

Truth be told, maintaining health and fitness isn’t easy, especially if you’re with a partner who isn’t on the same page as you. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is next to impossible if, when you get home, your partner is tempting you with bad influences.

That’s why you should really consider training together with your partner, and here’s why.

Training with your significant other is a great opportunity to maximize time spent in the martial arts gym. It’s the perfect bonding activity for couples to enjoy. You won’t ever have to feel guilty about focusing some of your personal time on self-development, because you have your partner right there beside you going through everything with you.

1) A great way to spend quality time
2) Gives you a common goal
3) Discover new things about each other
4) Moves you in the same direction


- My partner and I can practice in the same class?


My Girlfriend wants to participate in the only girls programs, but he want to join also in my regular BJJ or Muay Thai classes, it is possible?

Yes, all the students from only girl programs can participate in regular mix classes with our extra cost at all