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Familiy practicing Martial arts classes for kids in Aylmer Quebec - EBO Martial Arts
Family always first

What does Family + 3 mean?

It is a perfect program for up to 6 family members, where parents can train at the same time as their kids but in different rooms or participate in any program (BJJ and Muay Thai) with out extra cost

How much does it cost?

It is a biweekly rate of  125$ + tx, no matter how many members are in your family. If you divide this amount, here is what you will pay per person:

  • Up to 5 members: 25$ + tx per member

  • Up to 4 members: 31.25$+tx  per member

  • Up to 3 members: 41.67$+tx per member

What does this program include?


Can participate in all adult programs without any additional cost. This means they can do BJJ or Muay Thai during the academy schedule


Can only participate in kids program

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