Little Panda program - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for tykes 

1 Class per week on saturday


4 to 6


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
a fun game

Why our little panda program is only once a week?

In  our experience tykes like to use their playing time, to  explore, discover and learn, in our little panda program we teach them all the fundamental moves trough games based in Jiu Jitsu. It is easy to assume that  learning BJJ is learning techniques. However, BJJ  little panda program make use of plenty of games and creative activities that your kids can enjoy as they learn new skills they will start to make fundamentals JIU JITSU moves with thinking in JIU JITSU, in their little heads they are just playing in amazing uniforms.

The attention spam for little kids are very short.  having only one class  on weekend give us 3 important factors to make they learning and our teaching  a successful experience.

1. On Saturday kids are full energy, they can complete a full class

2. They are rest so they can focus in the class and follow better all the instruction of their coaches.

3. They will be happy at the end of the class, willing to repeat the experience, so every Saturday will become their morning play time

Is not about techniques

Games are a great way for your child to develop skills, get a workout, and have fun simultaneously. An added bonus is that without the pressure of intensive competition, children are free to learn at their own pace in a safe environment.


Improve their motor skill

Ever wonder why kids are able to get on the floor and crawl, play, turn, toss, and get back up to their feet like it is second nature to them? If you have ever observed your kid you probably have noticed that they are able to get into a squat position without any trouble at all..

Kids are already amazing movers, but if they stop practising movement they will lose that ability as they get older.  BJJ is a great way to preserve the natural movement abilities inherent to youth.

Of course, not all children are gifted with athletic grace, but BJJ can help anyone develop and maintain this skill throughout their life.