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Mix Martial Arts  |  MMA

Introduction to MMA

This program was created for students with zero experience in martial arts and for students with previous experience in one combat sport suchs as Boxing, Grappling, Karate, etc.


Warning the next scenario happens often in our gym

-Peter: “Hello my name is peter I want to learn UFC”

-Coach: “Hello Peter, you mean MMA, that’s awesome, do you have any background in others martial arts like: boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu?”

-Peter: “No, but I watch a lot UFC with my friends”

-Coach: “………..if you don’t have any martial arts experience you need to learn the basic of striking and grappling, so you will be able to MIX ARTS.

At EBO we designed our MMA program thinking in those that would love to enter in the MMA sport without previous experience in martial arts


Take a look of our schedule


Muay thai @ 6:00pm


BJJ NO-GI @ 6:00


Combative BJJ/Shoot boxing @6:00pm