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Mix Martial Arts  |  MMA

Introduction to MMA

This program was created for students with zero experience in martial arts and for students with previous experience in one combat sport such as Boxing, Grappling, Karate, etc.


Warning the next scenario happens often in our gym

-Peter: “Hello my name is peter I want to learn UFC”

-Coach: “Hello Peter, you mean MMA, that’s awesome, do you have any background in others martial arts like: boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu?”

-Peter: “No, but I watch a lot UFC with my friends”

-Coach: “………..if you don’t have any martial arts experience you need to learn the basic of striking and grappling, so you will be able to MIX ARTS.

How does it works?

Mix Martial Arts is not a discipline is a mix of them. Our program is designed to give the student the correct foundation in the sport.


During the first 60 hrs your training will be:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday @6pm

Muay Thai Fundamental class (striking).

Thursday @6:30pm

Fundamentals take down classes @6:30pm (NOGI BJ)

After completing your first 60hrs your training will be:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday @6pm

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu NOGI (intermediate & advanced)

Thursday @6:30pm:

Take down classes (intermediate & advanced) @6:30pm (NOGI BJ)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 7:00pm

Muay Thai intermediate & advanced class(striking).

After completing your 120hrs you will be able to MMA classes + All the intermediate and advanced striking and grappling classes

Thursday @ 4:45pm

Shoot boxing & Grappling

Friday @ 6pm:

Fundamentals fence wrestling & striking

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