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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The gentle art  |  Arte suave

rolling in
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Tapping may be the end goal of rolling (combat), but aside from having fun, the point of rolling is to try and execute moves you've learned while your opponent is resisting and attempting to execute moves they've learned on you. 

​​​The BJJ program is under the supervision of professor Daniel Guillemette.


Gi (kimono) classes

Practitioners use of the Gi - sleeves, collar, pant legs - figures prominently in gaining and controlling position, as well as in applying submissions. Practitioners can execute collar chokes, or use the sleeve or the hem of the Gi to tie up a partner’s arm or hand.

NO GI classes

This class is an excellent way to transition the BJJ techniques into self defense application. Practitioners try to control an opponent by gripping the body’s natural handles: the neck, the wrist, the elbow, the knee, the hips, etc. This is also allowed in Gi grappling, but is the only option in No-Gi


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